Rules for Submission, Review and Publication

  1. The journal “LEGALITY AND LEGAL ORDER” is a scientific peer-reviewed periodical legal academic edition.
  2. The journal publishes scientific articles (hereinafter – articles), not previously published and not intended for simultaneous publication elsewhere.
  3. By submitting an article, the author guarantees that the submitted paper is an original work and in case of its acceptance for publication in the journal will not be transferred for publication elsewhere (to third parties).
  4. The submitted articles are divided while publishing into the following sections:
  • Emerging problem;
  • Interpretation of law/legislation;
  • Share experience;
  • Point of view;
  • Preventing corruption;
  • Rights of minors;
  • Scientific overview.
  1. The journal appears four times per year. Papers are published as they are received by the editor’s office.
  2. Submitted articles should be written in Russian. It is recommended to adhere to the scientific form of presentation of the material, avoiding newspaper (journalistic, emotional) style. Statements that may hurt ethnical identity or religious beliefs, propagate the political viewpoint of the authors or explicitly or covertly call for discrimination of any kind are inadmissible.
  3. Articles should be submitted to the editor via email – zp@unn.ru specifying the journal’s section.
  4. Each submitted article should be formatted according to the specified requirements (See hereinafter – Rules for Submission and Submission Template). Articles formatted otherwise are not accepted and reviewed.
  5. The submitted article should contain:
    • Abstract and keywords in Russian and English;
    • Text of the article;
    • Information about the authors in Russian and English (full Name; academic degree (if any); academic title (if any); academic title of the state Academy affiliation (RAS, RAMS, etc.) (if any); position (indicating the department and organization), as well as the e-mail address to contact the author);
    • The author’s current photo (sent as a separate file).

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