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Conflict of Interest

Conflict of Interest

  1.  To prevent Publishing Ethics violations, any conflict of interest should be avoided by all parties involved in the process of publication of articles.
  2. Any case of conflict of interest should be immediately notified to the editor by a person, who first spotted it.
  3. In order to prevent any conflicts of interest and in accordance with the accepted Publishing Ethics standards of the Journal, each of the parties takes the following responsibilities:

1) the editor shall:

  • transfer the submitted article for consideration to another member of the Editorial Board or Editorial Council if the originally appointed reviewer has a conflict of interest with the author of the submitted article;
  • make a decision on the publication of information reported by the author concerning the conflict of interest (scientific, financial or other), if it is not confidential and may have an impact on the assessment of the published work by readers or the scientific community;
  • ensure publishing of amendments or corrections if conflict of interest is revealed after the publication of the article.

2) the author shall:

  • provide any information that could reveal a conflict of interest when submitting a scientific article for publication.

3) the reviewer shall:

  • notify the editor about any conflict of interest (dual commitments, competing interests) and refuse from reviewing of a submitted article.

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